We have your properties covered - relax!

A1 Property Managers Ltd are totally dedicated to providing efficient and cost effective management services. Our highly trained staff are experts in their field and are totally dedicated in delivering outstanding customer service.

We understand that a rental property will be either your home or a very important part of your investments. This is why we treat all properties as we do our own.

We’ll keep the process simple and streamlined every step of the way


Finding a tenant

We will advertise your property, meet your tenant’s onsite and interview them. After they have completed a rental application form, we’ll carry out our rigorous 7 point selection process including credit checking. We want a tenant who will pay rent, look after your property and not annoy the neighbours – this way we can both sleep easy at night!


Setting the rent

To ensure your revenues are maximised we regularly review rental levels for each property and, where appropriate initiate rental increases or advise you if we think a reduction is necessary to ensure maximum occupancy rates are achieved.


Rent collection

Our zero arrears policy means if rent is missed, we take action when rent is one day late and don’t stop chasing until it’s paid, our tenants know this.

All bonds are lodged as required by Law. Our time attending Tenancy Tribunal hearings is free of charge.



We really care about your investment and are passionate about what we do. Communication to you and your tenants will be given in the same proportion.

Good relationships with our tenants allow us to minimise and resolve any problems efficiently. We will keep you in-the-loop with honest and prompt updates as needed, so you can rest easy knowing your properties are in great hands.


Prompt owner payments

We will pay rents to you twice a month, on the 1st and 15th (or next working day if these occur on a weekend or stat day).

You will receive a monthly statement and an annual income and expenditure report for FREE on 1 April each year.


Residential tenancies act

We stick to the rules like glue otherwise there are serious consequences. We want your interests protected and will ensure all legal obligations are met with minimum involvement on your part.


Inspections & maintenance

An initial condition report with photos is carried out before your tenant moves in. On vacation the initial report is used as a comparison for the final condition report, ensuring the property is left as it was found.

During the tenancy we inspect every three months and send you a report with photos noting the condition and any maintenance needed.

Only urgent or minor repairs are carried out, anything over $200 is quoted for your approval. Our good selection of tradespeople offer us discounts on rates and we ensure all jobs are completed to our satisfaction in a timely manner.