Questions & Answers

What is the likely rental amount for my property?

We are happy to visit the property and provide you with a free no obligation rental appraisal.

In assessing the rent, we consider the location, age, condition and highlights of the property along with the rental statistics for the area, other similar current listings and properties we currently manage.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to renovation ideas or ways to add value to your property and attract quality tenants – we want to help you maximise your returns and can share these ideas with you. 

What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay rent?

Rent is monitored on a daily basis. We advise all tenants, before they move into a property, of our zero tolerance to rent arrears and outline our strict policy should a payment be missed.

We follow this like clockwork, as a result 99% of our tenants are in advance with their rent.

How do you find tenants?

We only want to attract quality tenants for your property by:

  • Advertising on our website, Trademe and realestate.co.nz 
  • Viewings booked via online tenant portal
  • Our widely distributed rental list 
  • For Rent signs on the property 
  • Tenants registering enquiries through our office – we talk to so many people looking for rentals, if the one they enquire about doesn’t suit we will refer them to others we have.

What happens when the lease is due to end?

We review current tenancies well in advance of the lease end date and consult with you and your tenants to negotiate another term.

Ideally we encourage good tenants to stay as long as possible! However if the tenant wishes to vacate, we market your property to potential tenants up to 4 weeks prior to vacancy.

This means in most cases, we have quality tenants ready to move in when the property is vacated or shortly thereafter.

Who insures the smoke alarms are compliant?

Landlords must ensure all properties must have working compliant smoke alarms at the start of every tenancy. It is then the tenants responsibly for the duration of the tenancy.

We have a professional company as our provider of smoke alarm maintenance and testing services. They will visit your property and ensure it complies. You can opt out of this service and do it yourself taking full responsibility for compliance and provide us a report.

How do I know if the current insulation meets the standard requirements?

Insulation statements are compulsory on all tenancy agreements signed since 1 July 2016. The landlord must disclose whether there is insulation in the rental home, where it is, what type and what condition it is in, so tenants can make an informed decision.

Ceiling and underfloor insulation is compulsory in all rental homes where it is reasonably practicable to install. A landlord who fails to comply with the regulations is committing an unlawful act and may be liable for a penalty of up to $4,000.

If you are unsure of the current insulation in your rental property or cannot fully answer the above requirements in detail, then A1 Property Managers can organise an assessment and quote for you.

Can you take over existing properties with existing tenants currently managed by other individuals or professionals?

Yes :-)

We often take over the management of other properties already being managed by private Landlords or other Property Managers.

We make the process as simple as possible for your tenants.

Should I get my property tested for meth?

It's really up to you whether you have your property tested before a new tenant moves in and then in between each tenancy.

There are two main reasons to consider to test:

  1. Advising the new tenant that we regularly test for meth and have a negative test result prior to them moving in is likely to deter any meth users or manufacturers.
  2. If we find a positive test result on vacation of a tenant it is imperative that you can prove the liability falls on that vacating tenant to ensure you have insurance cover and can hold the tenant liable.

We use official lab tests, the cost of testing varies on the size of the property.

Do you manage boarding houses or room by room rentals?

Yes we have a large number of rooms we manage across the city.  Some are ensuited rooms, some have shared bathrooms, some are purpose built and others are converted houses.  It really is quite a fine art getting these to run well. We have a dedicated property manager to ensure that these are efficiently managed with high occupancy rates and the right tenants.

Do you manage student rentals?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being one of the larger student property managers in Christchurch.  Over the past 25 years we have created a robust system to ensure they are rented for at least 51 weeks of the year and the students care for the properties or we keep a close eye on them at least! 

Many investors shy away from student rentals for reasons that would not have happened had the right advice been sought initially and good management procedures been adhered to. 

We also have strong experience in investing in student rentals. From purchasing the right property, in the right area to re-configuring the layout and setting it up correctly to ensure the investment is profitable.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge.